Nouvelle Edition Limitée Hypnotic Eye Potion

Prête pour attirer tous les regards ?

New Visoanska Limited Edition Hypnotic Eye Potion


The limited edition pops up with a unity of wild nature and technical intelligence. Slip your favorite eye potion pen to minimize expression lines in the wink of an eye and refresh your look at any moment !

Luminous youthful glow
Diminishes puffiness and dark circles
Ultra-smoothing and uplifting

Formula enriched with Visoanska’ s Complexe Survie Extrême™.
Major effects in 15-minutes*:
Depth and volume of your wrinkles reduces by 42.36% and 47.5%;
Eye puffiness decreases (77%);
Eye contour is nourished and moisturized  (91%);
Skin feels smooth and soft  (82%).

New Visoanska Eye contour

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